Mr. Kim Sungjoon's son needed glasses and he could not find frames that fitted property and where adjustable. In 2003 he founded Tomato Glasses that specializes only in frames for children from new born to 12 years old.

The frames are light, comfortable, strong and adjustable. Click here to watch a video explaining the beginnings of Tomato Glasses and the great features that makes these frames awesome for children




Tomato Glasses are shock proof and shape intelligent which means that it will revert back to it's original shape if a child twist or bends the frame.







Tomato Glasses are very flexible and resilient.





Safe Material - made of T90 plastic FDA approved



The tips of Tomato Glasses are adjustable to perfectly fit each individual child's head







According to the European Union directive 93/42/EEC (Medical Device), Tomato Glasses passed all the tests describe on the norm ISO 12870:2004, which means that they are allowed to apply the CE Marking

Certificate of Europe

Korea Certificate

FDA approved










Lightness - The frames only weigh between 7 - 10g


Useful Strap

Well fitted tips

Non Slip Nose pad - Unique nose pad built by the R&D team of Tomato Glasses. Glasses don't slide down even if kids jump or run


Danker Optical Supplies are the sole importer and distributor of Tomato Glasses in South Africa
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